(version of March 2017)

An Introduction to the Complexities of Cross-Border Purchases (for non-Canadians)
and how DHL can save the day

a) Determine if the instrument is still for sale (not flagged on the Web site).

b) E-mail your questions or offer to purchase to Dr. Heck will review it and relay it to the owner.

c) Upon acceptance of your offer, you are encouraged to arrange to travel directly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to inspect and take delivery of the instrument(s). Sending us a fully refundable deposit of 10% to hold your instrument "in contract" pending your travel arrangements and inspection is appropriate at this point. The instruments you are interested in will be so tagged on the Web site.

d) If you are willing to waive the right of inspection and to cover various additional expenses for shipping and customs clearance (for buyers outside Canada), you may have the instrument(s) shipped by DHL. If shipping is elected, the seller encourages buyers to arrange for whatever insurance they may need above and beyond the $100 automatically provided by DHL.

PREPARATION FOR SHIPMENT : If the instrument is large (like a guitar), the seller will require $80 US to prepare a rigid, custom-fitted shipping box (as pictured below). This styrofoam and heavy-duty cardboard box has been 100% successful in protecting instruments shipped via DHL to the U.S. and Europe. Smaller instruments can be safely shipped in similar well-padded custom-made shipping boxes, costing about $40 in materials and labor to prepare. A shipping box of the type seen below will be furnished gratis for individual guitars costing $4,000 or more.

Styro-foam custom shipping case

Styro-foam custom shipping case

e) When Insights Consulting has received payment for the instrument(s) and related packaging, the instrument(s) will be carefully prepared and shipped to the purchaser by air freight. Seller prefers to use DHL from Halifax to anywhere in the world, with shipping expenses billed to the purchaser.* The purchaser is urged to provide their DHL account number, which they can easily obtain within 24 hours by completing an on-line profile at Usually there is no charge for opening a DHL account. It greatly facilitates international shipping. Your DHL account may be closed upon completion of the shipment.

*If the buyer already has a Fed Ex account number, seller will charge shipment to buyer's Fed Ex account. The seller prefers to use DHL, due to greater ease of service and reliability, especially where international borders are concerned.