Instruments that have been sold.
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Instruments sold:
brief descriptions.
001 Guitar, 6-string, "Georg Staufer," Vienna, ca. 1805; note the exquisite bridge ornamentation and flush fingerboard. Tuning head mirrors body's shape. Rare!
002 Guitar, transitional, unlabeled (John Preston?), ca. 1785. Tuning head seems originally to have been for 4 double strings and one single. Now there are 6 strings & pegs.
003 Guitar, transitional, originally for 10-strings, later adapted to 6-strings, unlabeled (Voboam?), French?, ca. 1775.
004 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, richly inlaid with mother-of- pearl; scalloped fingerboard, ca. 1825-30.
005   Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, inlaid, French?, ca. 1840.
006 Guitar, 10-string, "Por Manuel Martinez," Malaga, 1803.
007 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, mother of pearl inlays, French?, ca. 1860.
008 Guitar, 6-string, outstanding sharktooth inlay, penciled attribution to "A.Guiot/1832."
009 Guitar, 6-string, maker's mark "Petitjean/L'Ainé/A Paris," ca.1830.
010 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, sister to one by "Nicholas Marlot... 1820."
011 Guitar, 6-string, extremely rare Antonio Torres flamenco style, Almeria, 1875 (#2 of his second period); needs restoration.
012 Guitar, 6-string, "Gaetano Vinaccia, Napoli, anno 1814." Exquisite inlay work with a striking portrait (possibly a monk in Franciscan habit?) on the back
013 Guitar, 6-string, parlor size, unlabeled, for wire strings, ca. 1890s.
015 Guitar, 6-string, elaborate rosette, "Coviaux-Lippi," ca. 1820.
016 Guitar, 6-string, parlor style, unlabeled, wire strings, ca. 1900.
017 Guitar, 6-string, labeled "C. F. Martin & Schatz." A very early Martin, undated but probably from the 1840s. The pink-colored label bears the handwritten dedication "Made for Madam de Gone." Delores Nevares de Goni's fame in the 1840s led Martin to make a line of "Degoni model" guitars. See Gura, C.F. Martin and His Guitars, 76. Compare also Gura's plates 3-10 to 3-12. Tuners are by Demet (Domet?). .
018 Guitar, 6-string, "Lacote" + "Brugère... Mirecourt" ca. 1850.
019 Guitar, 6-string, "Louis Panormo...#2237 London 1838."
020 Guitar, 6-string, "Lacote ... A Paris, Année 1830."
022 Guitar, 6-string, vine-decorated table, French? (Thibouville-Lamy), ca. 1870.
023 Guitar, 6-string, "Federico Danino, Cadiz, 1850," unique rose.
024 Guitar, 6-string, handwritten label "Manuel Lopez... anno 1856".
027 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled Legnani model, inlaid rosette, ca.1850.
028 Guitar, 6-string, "Jose Lopez Beltran...Almeria ...1894" thin body.
029 Guitar, 6-string, inlaid, "Salvatore Ibanez, Valencia," 1914..
030  Guitar, 6-string, "...Modell..Legnani, von L. Reisinger," ca. 1850.
031 Guitar, 6-string, Bay State parlor guitar, ca. 1900, for wire strings.
032 Guitar, 6-string, C.F. Martin, no. 9202, datable 1900-01, excellent.
033 Guitar, 6-string, steel strings, Washburn no. 285325, ca. 1890-1900?
034 Guitar, 6-string, Washburn no. 164945, ca. 1890?
035 Hawaiian Guitar, 6-string, "H Weissenborn, Los Angeles" ca. 1910?
036 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, inlaid, c. 1860, w/ new tuning head.
037 Guitar, 6-string, Gelas model, offset neck and body, no. 713, année 1926.
038 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled parlor classic w/Arabesques, ca. 1860.
039 Guitar, 6-string, Antonio Avila..., Cartagena, 189?.
040 Guitar, 6-string, American "Cleo" parlor guit., steel str., N.Y, ca.1910.
041 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, ca. 1875, overlaid fingerboard.
043 Guitar, 6-string, arched Gibson L-1 standard, Serial No. 8705, datable 1908-1910. This is a very early exemplar of this line. L-1s were the least expensive line, begun in 1903, redesigned in 1928, and phased out in 1937.
044 Guitar, 6-string, Serenader, unusual form, ca. 1915.
045 Tenor guitar, 4-string, Martin 42044, ca. 1930.
046 Ukulele, koawood, unlabeled, similar to 035, early 20th c.
047 Bandurria, Jose Ramirez, double strings, mid-20th c.
049 Edison violin, "Tiebel-Violine," D.R.Z.W. no. 355993, ca.1920.
050 Gibson Mandola in mint condition, ca. 1930?
051 Guitar with mechanical "keyboard" (U.S. pat. 1,692,560), 4-string, USA, dated 1920, "no. 3."
052 Guitar, 6-string, USA, by Washburn #995. Pre-1930 Washburns are difficult to date; this appears to be of that vintage.
053 Small 4-str guitar ("guitarino"), unlabeled. Owner regards it as poss. of Portuguese origin, given bridge work. May also be a ukulele relative.
054 Harp Guitar (Dyer Bros., St.Paul, MN), 11-str., early 20th c. These instruments were popular in German/Austrian immigrant communities for accompanying Schrammel-Musik.
056 Gumbri, African 4-string folk instrument
057 Mandolin, 8-str., guit.-shaped, dist. by Williams, 20th-c.
058 Tambora, 4-str. Yugoslavian folk inst., unusal diatonic fretting.

Portuguese guitarra, "Lisboa" type with scroll head, 12 wire strings. Currently set up for 4-courses of triple strings like a bandolim, but could be reconfigured for six double-strings. Lisbon, ca. 1940. For more information on such instruments, visit Fernandez Music.
060 Guitar, 6-string, Stewart, early 20th-c., has been repaired.
061 Guitar, 6-string, oak(?), unlabeled, acoustic model, 1930s?
062 "Oud" (Arabic lute), 9-str., inlaid wood, est. 100 years old
063 Rebec, folk fiddle of Greek (?) origin, 3 str., with bow.
064 Folk fiddle with canine-style tuning head, lacks bridge.
065 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., by Washburn, USA, 20th c.
066 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., by Albertini, early 20th c.
069 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., Williams, Toronto, early 20th c.
070 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., Williams (Harris), Toronto, 20th c.
076 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., standard model, no. 6787.
079 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., Lakeside, USA, early 20th c.
081 Cither Banjo, English, 6-str, now 4-str., tunnel model, ca.1898.
082 Cither Banjo, English, 6-str, now 4-str. Barnes & Mullins, ca.1898.
083 Banjo, 8-str (4 course), S.S. Stewart, no. 4, early 20th c.
084 Banjo. 5-string, S. S. Stewart, no. 1765, early 20th c.
085 Banjolin, 4-course, flat, made by Regal, early 20th c.
086 "Marxolin," bowed autoharp.
087 "Ukeline," bowed autoharp with bow, ornamented rosette.
088 "Ukeline," bowed autoharp.
089 Autoharp (Menzenhauer "zither guit.), early 20th c.
091 Flute, wooden, single key, stamped "H. Wrede / 15 St. John's Square / Clerkenwell / London." One expert tells us, "this may be from his earliest years of output, c.1810-1815."
095 Flute, wooden, single key, R. W. Edith, London, c. 1780?
098 Flute, wooden, early Boehm model?
099 Flute, wooden, in Bb, 4 keys, London, R.S. Pratten.
100 Flute, wooden, single key, London, Starck improved "F".
105 Flute, wooden, early Boehm mod?, London, Blackman.
109 Various flutes (7), Eb clarinet (1) and piccolos (3),conveyed as a lot.
110 Refer to lot 109.
113 Guitar, 10-str, 5-course, "Tiple?," made in USA.
114 Guitar, 6-str. "octave" model, adjustable neck, Koblenz, Klein, 1961
115 Folk Ukulele made from cigar box
116 Balalaika, Russian, ca. 1940
117 Saz (long-necked Turkish lute)
119 Banjo, 5-string, J.H.B. Silver Gem.
120 Banjo, 4-string, Vega, Style N.
121 Banjo, 5-string, Geo. P. Matthew.
123 Banjo, 4-string, made in USA.
125 Mandolin, L.H. Leland
126 Banjo, 4-string, Humphrey.
127 Mandolin, 4-course
128 Folk fiddle
129 Samisen, Japanese. Skin needs to be replaced.
130 Mandolin, 4-course, flat-back
131 Appalachian Dulcimer
132 Chinese "moon guitar" (yuet chin).
133 Chinese "coconut" folk-violin (huqin family; variant of erhu).
134 Guitar, 6 str., acoustic, unlabeled, ca. 1940, inlaid rose
135 Guitar, 6 str., "Serenader," Dobro-style resonator
136 Bass guitar, 12-str. "Lautengitarre," by J.R. Rieche (c.1935?)
137 Charango, 5-course, with armadillo body (kirkinchu=tatu=mulita).
139 Accordion, 24-key/36b, Emilio Tomasini, Loreto (late 19th-c.?)
146 Accordion, 10-button, Germany (Saxony), Dulcet brand.
147 Concertina, London, "Sir Charles Wheatstone inventor" (c1835?).
148 Guitar, 6-str., mustache pegged bridge, origin uncertain
149 Banjo, 6-str., "Windsor popular model 7," requiring restoration.
150 Bandura [bandoura], Ukranian psaltery, 8 bass str., 34 trebles.
154 Zither, Austrian, by John Bucher, with box, no. 2184.
157 Hurdy-Gurdy, replica built by C. VanFeggelen
158 Guitar, 6-str. 'cello-style jazz, Silvertone no. L3331-5520 (ca. 1950?).
161 Guitar, 6-str. acoustic, "Barrington" carved in head, by A. Hensel
162 Zither, Chinese (Yangqin), "butterfly" style, 2 bridges, fitted case