Extraordinary Private Collection of Musical Instruments in Canada for Sale
Music Professor's "Labor of Love"

A retired Canadian music professor and passionate collector of musical instruments has sought the assistance of Insights Consulting to find suitable new owners for his remarkable collection. Early in 2004 this Web site was put up to describe and publicize the collection. Initially buyers were sought for the entire collection. Beginning in January 2005, many wonderful instruments having remained unsold, the owner decided to invite and entertain offers on any and all instruments. Please review our helpful advice on HOW TO ACQUIRE INSTRUMENTS as you consider purchases.

If you are interested in these instruments' original appraised values (2003), please click here. The November 2006 price reductions supersede previous prices and discounts.

  • Any blue-tagged instruments are formally "in contract," meaning (a) that an offer to purchase has been accepted in principle, (b) that a refundable deposit of at least 10% of the sales price has been received as earnest money, and (c) that the instrument has been set aside for a few weeks to allow for on-site inspection or further e-mail queries, including arranging for detailed digital photos, to be followed by completion of the sale if the buyer is agreeable.

  • Contingent offers may be made on blue-tagged guitars, to become effective if the anticipated sale to the primary buyer falls through. Contingent offers will be honored in the order received. All prices are in US dollars.

  • As a service to guitar collectors and enthusiasts, images of guitars which have been sold are still viewable on a separate "sold instruments" page.
Serious inquiries and offers to seller's sole representative, Insights Consulting.
Thomas F. Heck, Ph.D., President.


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Instruments - brief descriptions.
NB. A blue tag signifies an instrument "in contract." After it is sold, the instrument is moved to the "sold" page and given a red tag.
014 Guitar, 6-string, "Gaetano Vinaccia ...Napoli... 177? [1779?]." Thomas Heck writes, "Assuming its label to be authentic, this is one of the two earliest original 6-string guitars yet discovered. The other one - another Vinaccia of 1779 - is in Lisbon's Museu da Musica. They are cousins rather than twins." (See his article on searching for the earliest 6-string guitar for more information.) Price reduced (effective December 2009) to US $26,000
021 Guitar, 6-string, French or American, Legnani model, ca. 1850-60. Price now $1,200 US.
025 Guitar, 6-string, American parlor style, unlabeled, new neck, ca. 1870. Price now $600 US.
026 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled, American (?), wire-string style, ca. 1875. Price now $500 US.
042 Guitar, 6-string, unlabeled (but evidently J. H. Gerard, London), Lacote-like, ca. 1840. NOTE: A collector in Omaha, Nebraska, wrote saying "I have an instrument identical to guitar number 42. It is a J. H. Gerard, of 50 Soho Street London. Mine has the label. Mine has a rosewood back but otherwise is the same guitar. Check the tuners and see if there is a VR with a crown at one end. [There is!] They are Rance tuners from France, are they not? Anyway mine came from Christies in London many years ago..." Price now $2,500 US.
048 Canadian folk violin from Kingston, Ont., ca. 1900. Price now $200 US
055 Vihuela, 12-str., excellent cond., M. Schreiner, Toronto, 1974. Price now $2,500 US.
067 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., richly inlaid, early 20th c. Price now $400 US
068 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., C. Rinaldi, Napoli, 19th c.(?). Price now $400 US
071 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 12-str., no. 1718, 20th c. Price now $200 US
072 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 12-str., F. Schwarzer "Echo" no.7331. Price now $900 US
073 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., fine inlay work, No. 9979. Price now $400 US
074 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., "Am. Conservatory," no.182808. Price now $300 US
075 Mandolin, Neapolitan style, 8-str., butterfly inlay. Price now $300 US
077 Mandolin, Wappen-form, 8-str., Regal, flat-back. Price now $600 US
078 Rebec, folk fiddle, uncertain origin, appears very old. Price now $800 US
080 Banjo, 5-string, 38 clamps. Price now $500 US
090 Autoharp with chord button apparatus, early 20th c. Price now $150 US
092 Flute, wooden, 4 keys, Firth, Hall & Pond, NYC, early 19th c. Price now $500 US
093 Flute, wooden, early Boehm mod?, ivory mp; Bremen, A.F. Fischer. Price now $400 US
094 Flute, wooden, keyed, pre-Boehm, ivory mouthpiece. Price now $400 US
096 Flute, wooden, early Boehm mod?, ivory mouthpiece. Price now $400 US
097 Flute, wooden, Boehm model?, lacks one key. Price now $350 US
101 Flute, wooden, in Bb, 4 keys, early 19th c. Price now $150 US
102 Flute, wooden, in Bb, 4 keys, "military band flute." Price now $125 US
103 Clarinet, 19th c., Boston, W. Crosby. Price now $1200 US
104 Clarinet, 19th c., London, Key (Charing Cross). Price now $1000 US
106 Flute, wooden, in Bb, 4 keys, London, H.Y. Potter. Price now $150 US
107 Flute, wooden, in Bb, 1 key, "military band flute." Price now $75 US
108 Flute, wooden, in Bb, 1 key, "band," London, John Grey & Sons. Price now $100 US
111 Autoharp, 3-button, C.F. Zimmerman, miniature, May 9, 1882. Price now $400 US
112 "Guitarophone," made by Vibraphone, USA. Price now $200 US
118 Raft-harp, African. Price now $40 US
122 Banjo, 4-string, English. Price now $50 US
124 Banjo, 4-string, English. Price now $50 US
138 Accordion, 34-key/36b, Cesare Pancotti, Macerata, Italy (ca. 1910). Note: The grandson of the maker wrote in early 2006: "my grandfather was born around 1890. So, in the best case, the accordion ("fisarmonica" in the Italian language) was made around 1910; his father (Antonio) had been in the business since around 1860." Price now $300 US
140 Accordion, 24-key, no basses (cf. Handaeoline, 1822), Italy, 1830s? Price now $1000 US
141 Accordion, 24-key/2basses ("Ship's accordion") w/case. Price now $1000 US
142 Accordion, 30-button/11b, Austria, "M. Ruhsling, St.Veit a/d Glan." Price now $400 US
143 Accordion, 49-button/20b, Italy, Giovanni Vercelli, "rosso." Price now $500 US
144 Accordion, 11-button/8b, Germany, Ludwig Pinetree brand. Price now $150 US
145 Accordion, 8-button, Germany, Vulkan brand. Price now $40 US
151 Cornets (2), brass & silver finish, with case. Price: Make offer!
152 Trumpet, Italy, Prof. Romeo Orsi, Milano. Price: Make offer!
153 Trumpet, single-valve. Price: Make offer!
155 Trumpet, straight, brass (for signaling or ceremonies). Price: Make offer!
156 Temple horn, Nepalese, with silver mouthpiece and dragon-head bell. Price: Make offer!
159 Guitar, 4str. folk guitar in form of a paddle, D.J. Stevens, 1981. Price now $50 US
160 Guitar, Hawaiian steel electric, by G. Schillebeer, Edmonton, ca. 1946. Price now $100 US
163 Broadwood square piano, no. 49775, datable approx. latter 1838. Mint condition.
-- was $7,500. Price now $5000 US

NB. A similar Broadwood piano in the UK was priced (June 2003) at 4,500 GBP ($7,450 USD), not including transport from the UK to [wherever].