Insights Consulting, located in Santa Barbara, California, provides services and support to individuals and institutions in a variety of arts- and humanities-related fields where experience, technical competence, and foresight count:

  • Advice and assistance with research, writing, and editing for publication.

  • Advice and assistance with Web site creation and Internet publishing.

  • Guidance in the digitization of documents and media for access, retrieval, family sharing, archiving and more.

  • Preservation, valuation, and description of private collections.

  • Assistance in suitably transferring the ownership of private collections.

  • Appraisals of bibliographica, musicalia and musical instruments.

Kindly contact me for a free consultation regarding projects or possessions you may have that would benefit from review or appraisal by an independent professional in the field of Library and Information Science. I and my associates also advise clients in matters of Web publication, archiving, preservation, digitization, and indexing. "Excellence in research" is our motto. Thomas F. Heck, MLS, Ph.D. President